Deep Waters

Several times a year, the Office for Evangelization will offer Deep Waters nights to delve into professional/ministerial formation topics. These topics would include the “how to” of ministry. Deep Waters nights will be offered on a week night in each of the vicariates from 6:00 to 8:30 pm. We begin with Mass at 6:00 pm, followed by dinner and a guest speaker.

Fall Deep Waters Topic: “A Catholic Response to the Transgender Issue”

The transgender issue is one of the hottest and most polarizing topics today. It seems that we hear story after story of children and adolescents desiring to change genders, and how the medical and mental health fields are helping to lead the charge to make that happen. What, exactly, is the science behind Transgenderism, does it have any truth to share, and what is at work when an adolescent is affected? Within this session we will explore the psychological insights needed to both understand and then treat this phenomenon while integrating our Catholic anthropology.

Register online by September 5


Eastern Vicariate

Tuesday, September 12

Immaculate Conception

2150 Cunningham Dr., Hampton

Central Vicariate

Wednesday, September 13

Diocesan Pastoral Center

7800 Carousel Lane, Richmond

Western Vicariate


Wednesday, September 13

Christ the King

820 E Main St., Abingdon

7:00-8:30 pm (Talk only – simulcast)

Thursday, September 14

Our Lady of Perpetual Help

314 Turner Rd., Salem



For more information, please contact the Office for Evangelization or 804-622-5159.