Layman’s Terms: Webinar Series

As part of the New Evangelization it is important that both the laity and the ordained continually challenge ourselves to infuse the Gospel into our culture. This new interactive monthly webinar is designed to explore a variety of topics related to the joys and challenges that we experience in the face of Jesus’ challenge to “Go, and make disciples…”.

Tune in and participate in the interactive content. You can ask questions and engage in discussion around topics of interest to you. Or just sign up and keep it on in the background while you work and tune in when something catches your ear.

Sign up today…it’s FREE! Each webinar will take place from 2:30pm – 3:30pm and will be recorded. In order to receive the recording, you must be sure to register even if you can’t attend the live session.

Once registration is open for each webinar, the links will become active below:

“Who’s in the pews?” | April 25, 2017 – Watch the recording

“Reading into Relativism” | May 16, 2017 – Watch the recording

“Telling the Truth About Porn” | June 20, 2017

TBA | July 18, 2017 – Webinar on summer vacation

TBA | August 15, 2017 – Webinar on summer vacation

TBA | September 19, 2017

TBA | October 17, 2017

TBA | November 21, 2017

TBA | December 19, 2017