The Catholic Diocese of Richmond is seeking Full Time Campus Ministry Interns.

Interns will be assigned to a specific campus within the Catholic Diocese of Richmond where they will serve for the year(s) of their internship.  The intern’s role on that campus will be determined under the supervision of the local Campus Ministry staff and the Diocesan Associate Director for Campus Ministry.  Interns can be expected to be involved in many aspects of the day to day running of their assigned ministry.  As the internship progresses the intern will be given greater responsibilities as his or her familiarity with the ministry and with his or her position on staff grows.

Some roles and responsibilities that could be expected of the intern include but are not limited to: coordinator of small groups, oversight of positions on the leadership teams, coordinating retreats and service trips, one on one meetings with students, helping to lead men’s or women’s outreach, assisting with administrative tasks, facility upkeep, helping with RCIA, working on campus outreach, planning and coordinating Masses and other prayer opportunities, and assisting with promotional efforts.

In addition to these responsibilities interns will be expected to participate on a Diocesan level by assisting with Office for Evangelization events.

Qualifications: It is understood that during this time the intern will be working on pursuing a master’s degree or certificate in a field that is pertinent to Campus Ministry. Interns must be practicing Catholics in good standing.  The position would be 40 hours a week, non-exempt.

Interested candidates should please send a cover letter, resume, the completed campus Ministry application Packet and completed Diocese of Richmond Employment Application to

Campus Ministry Application Packet