Foster the Good

Realizing that ministry has radically shifted in the past year, the Office for Evangelization, the Center for Marriage, Family, and Life, and the Office of Social Ministries are presenting a new monthly speaker series:  Foster the Good.  In his Encyclical Letter Fratelli Tutti (paragraphs 77-78), Pope Francis writes that we are all constantly presented with new opportunities to care for our brothers and sisters.  He encourages us to act locally, out of a sense of fraternity, and as part of a community.  Those that serve the church:  Youth Ministers, Social Ministers, Campus Ministers, and Volunteers, have found themselves pushed in new directions, and this series looks to build up the skills needed to truly serve the Church in this particular period of time.


The last week of each month will feature a lunchtime speaker who will present on a relevant issue or method of ministry.  Following the event, we’ll post online references and guides for how to utilize the topics discussed.  Additionally, we’ll provide training opportunities for people who want to further learn and grow in these areas.


On Thursday, February 25th at 12:30pm, we’ll have Emma Tacke. Emma is the Catholic Mobilizing Network’s Associate Director of Community Engagement. After obtaining a bachelor’s degree in Political Science and Gender Studies from the College of Saint Benedict, Emma moved to Seattle, Washington for a year of service with the Jesuit Volunteer Corps. Upon completing JVC NW, Emma spent a year with NETWORK Lobby in Washington D.C. working for social and economic issues as a Grassroots Mobilization Associate. As a lifelong Catholic and believer in the sanctity of human life, joining CMN seems like a natural segue for Emma. She is thrilled to motivate and support advocates all over the country to end the death penalty. She will be sharing with us how restorative justice/practices can address harm and conflict in ministry and faith-based communities.

Following her talk, we will have a Q&A period, and we will also post her video for those who cannot attend.

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