Foster the Good: Understanding Migration: Push and Pull Factors and the Catholic Response

Realizing that ministry has radically shifted in the past year, the Office for Evangelization and the Office of Social Ministries are presenting a new monthly speaker series:  Foster the Good.  In his Encyclical Letter Fratelli Tutti (paragraphs 77-78), Pope Francis writes that we are all constantly presented with new opportunities to care for our brothers and sisters.  He encourages us to act locally, out of a sense of fraternity, and as part of a community.  Those that serve the church:  Youth Ministers, Social Ministers, Campus Ministers, and Volunteers, have found themselves pushed in new directions, and this series looks to build up the skills needed to truly serve the Church in this particular period of time.

The last week of each month will feature a lunchtime speaker who will present on a relevant issue or method of ministry.  Following the event, we’ll post online references and guides for how to utilize the topics discussed.  Additionally, we’ll provide training opportunities for people who want to further learn and grow in these areas.


Our next Foster the Good session will be Tuesday, October 26, 2021. Today there are more people on the move than any other time in our history. This session will look at some of the factors that compel people to leave their homes, the impact of migration on families, and how the Church through Catholic Relief Services is intervening to improve the lives of our sisters and brothers with Chris West from Catholic Relief Services. We will also look at how participation in CRS’ Lead the Way on Migration campaign will offer actions that we can take to have a positive impact for people on the move.

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