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What is the Diocesan Month of Service?

Every Catholic is called to serve others! It is not just for a select few, but all the baptized. In serving others, we serve Jesus Christ himself. We show our love for God by loving others. It is not about how the service makes us feel or what we get out of it, but about recognizing the needs of others. The Office for Evangelization encourages all youth, college students, and young adults in the Diocese of Richmond to spend time in active service during the month of October 2017. In this way, we will be united as a diocese in our response to follow Christ and care for his people.

When is the Diocesan Month of Service?

The Diocesan Month of Service will be going on at various parishes throughout the Richmond Diocese throughout October. The exact Service Day schedule is up to you to create for your parish or community. Who do you serve, when do you serve? That’s up to you. We have put together a booklet with information to help guide planning and preparation for this day. This resource is available for download here.

Who should participate in the Diocesan Month of Service?

The Office for Evangelization encourages all youth, college students, and young adults in the Diocese of Richmond to spend a day during the month of October serving in some way.

How do I host a Service Day?

Step 1: Designate Specific Leaders

Leadership is key to any successful endeavor. Sharing the responsibilities will multiply your efforts and capabilities, as well as your time and who you can reach. Create a leadership team and work together to coordinate the day.

Step 2: Choose Team Meeting Dates

The leadership team should meet at least 3 times before Service Day. For example, have three, one-hour meetings: 6-8 weeks prior to Service Day, 3 weeks prior to Service Day, and 2 days prior to Service Day. You will also communicate between meetings. These will help you confirm details, work together, and focus your progress. The first thing you should do is determine your project and work site.

Step 3: Promote

The number one way to get people involved is through personal invitation. Make phone calls, talk to parishioners, and ask the young people to do the same. Additionally, use all the available mediums for advertising (email, social media, posters, bulletin announcements, etc.). Don’t limit participation to parishioners — encourage people to invite their friends.

Step 4: Put on a Great Service Day!

Remember, you are serving the Lord by serving others. Smile! Throughout the day, post pictures to Facebook, Instagram, and/or Twitter with the hashtag: #CDRserves.

Step 5: Debrief

Meet with your team one final time. Wrap up any unattended items. Write down notes to help improve for your next Service Day. Send us pictures from your project and share some highlights with us by filling out the Reporting Form.

What are the costs?

The cost for this event will vary depending on the schedule you create. Some common items that may affect the cost are: Meals (breakfast/lunch), transportation to sites (gas for vehicles/bus, etc.), supplies needed at the site (tools, paint, trash bags, etc), and t-shirts (optional). To cover these costs, you can ask for the participants to pay or put on a simple fundraiser (bake sale, car wash, etc.) a few weeks before the event. There are also ways to keep these costs limited such as asking participants to bring their own lunch or asking a parishioners to bring breakfast items in the morning. Be creative!

Registration, Reporting, and Social Media

Registration will be handled by the individual parishes, youth groups, young adult groups, and campus ministry programs. It is up to you to create and promote an event for the people in your area. Any minors will need to submit a parental permission form in order to participate. Any chaperones or drivers need to follow the Diocesan guidelines and VIRTUS policies. There should always be 2 adults with a group of minors.

During the month of October, let’s take over social media! During your service event, post pictures to Facebook, Instagram, and/or Twitter with the hashtag: #CDRserves. You could also include a 2nd hashtag that is unique to your group. During the day, search the hashtag to see what other groups are doing around the diocese.

After the event, please submit a Reporting Form to the Office for Evangelization.

Will informational materials be available for my parish?

There is an all-inclusive booklet available for download here. This booklet includes more details about Service Day and how to create one in your community. It also includes project ideas, a proposed schedule for planning, a proposed schedule for the day, along with prayers, discussion questions, and other materials that will help leaders plan a positive service experience.

Where do I go for questions or additional support?

For all questions or support, contact Office for Evangelization via email or phone 804-622-5159.