Quo Vadis

What is Quo Vadis?

Quo Vadis is a Latin phrase which translated means “Where are you going?” The goal of the Quo Vadis Camp is to bring high school aged men together who desire to grow in faithful discipleship and personal holiness to be better able to discover their own vocation invitation from our Lord, whatever that might be. This is accomplished through a 4 day experience that is highly energetic, fun, active, prayerful, and meant to build fellowship among the participants.

Does this mean that the high school guys I send to participate will become priests?

Not necessarily. The Quo Vadis experience is meant for high school guys who are seeking a greater understanding of who God has created them to be and how He is calling them to serve His Church as they continue through their high school and young adult years. The main focus of the week is a chance to be around a group of other young guys who are serious about their faith. The week draws attention to the Universal Call to Holiness and the Call of Discipleship and how those themes are played out for a young man in high school.

Who should attend the Quo Vadis Camp?

Quo Vadis is open to all rising 10th through 12th graders for the 2019 – 2020 academic year. Due to the nature of the camp experience, we cannot accept any individual who is younger than a rising 10th grader. In addition, we cannot accept any recently graduated 12th graders. For this population, there are other young adult discernment experiences that are available during the year.

Most importantly, pastors and ministry leaders should identify young men who are well-rounded and active in the life of the parish to participate in this experience. We do not typically recommend that you do a “mass marketing” campaign for this camp, rather participants should be invited through one-on-one invitations. While some of the young men you may invite may have considered the priesthood in the past, it is not a requirement that they have considered or talked about the priesthood prior to coming.

I went last year, can I go again this year?

As long as the participant is a rising 10th through 12th grader, then he can attend the Quo Vadis camp again. We will have a separate “track” for returning participants to dive deeper into prayer and discernment.


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