Young Couples Retreat

Registration is now closed.

Come join us for the Young Couples Retreat at Wintergreen Resort on April 30- May 1, 2021. This retreat is an opportunity for couples married 7 years or less to refocus on your relationship, celebrate your marriage, and engage your faith.

After two decades of full time ministry, Cana and Ennie Hickman have set out to empower and encourage individuals and families to live on mission in the ordinary, in their home, their neighborhood, in the everyday. Whether on their back porch or in packed churches, Ennie and Cana aim to follow Jesus’s commands to Love God and Neighbor and accompany people in this beautiful, messy, life of joy along with their seven children. After ten years leading Adore Ministries, they founded Del Rey Collective in 2019. Del Rey Collective is not about events that bring thousands of people together (although those aren’t bad). It is about giving formation and encouragement to ordinary missionary disciples to open their homes (and porches) and host their own life giving dinners and gatherings. They believe this has the potential to change the world!

The registration cost for this retreat is $200 per couple which includes lunch and dinner on Saturday, a room at the Lodge, and access to Wintergreen amenities. Mass, Adoration, Reconciliation, keynote presentations, and couple’s time will all be included.


Refunds for cancellations after March 29, 2021 11:59pm will only be considered if your reservation spot can be filled.