Who is eligible for Diocesan New Evangelization grants?

Applicants must be Catholic parishes or Catholic organizations within the Diocese of Richmond engaged in the work of actively seeking to engage Catholics who have fallen away or disengaged from the Church, those who are unchurched, as well as to bolster the involvement of Catholics who are marginalized in the life of the Church.

The parish or Catholic organization must be directly involved in the activities or work being supported and it must be shown that the work undertaken directly involves and positively impacts a local Catholic parish.

What activities are funded with Diocesan New Evangelization grants?

The Churchs fundamental mission is to evangelize and proclaim the Good News of the Incarnation and the Resurrection of Christ. Understanding this to be a broad message that can be implemented in varying ways, the Diocese of Richmond New Evangelization Grants are generally provided for activities geared towards direct services, education, and mission to invite people into a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ and His Church. Applications submitted as a collaborative effort among two or more parishes are encouraged.

Activities must be consistent with the teachings of the Church. Parishes can redirect funds towards a secondary organization only when there is a direct link between the Parish and the secondary organization, and when the funds are used to support an activity of the Parish that assists the secondary organization. Only one application per parish or organization will be accepted.

Use of grant funds may include (but are not limited to) services or programs such as those that:

  • support people in returning to the Catholic Church;
  • strengthen existing marriages and family life;
  • provide support for single parents to more easily participate in the life of the Church;
  • provide support for those who are divorced and/or remarried who feel marginalized by the Church;
  • provide broader public awareness and education about the Truth and Beauty of the Catholic Church;

Funds are not provided for:

  • Physical improvements to any parish property unrelated to any approved evangelization effort;
  • Administrative or overhead costs unrelated to any approved evangelization effort;

NOTE: If funding is being requested to support print media or ad campaigns, a camera ready copy of the material must be provided with the grant request. If funding is being requested to support a speaker event or engagement in the Diocese, Speaker Approval must be initiated prior to the submission of a grant request and applicants must include a program description of the event; requests for speaker events will only be approved on the condition of receiving Speaker Approval from the Guest Speaker Coordinator.