Funding Process

Reimbursement Process

If approved for a grant from the New Evangelization Grant Fund, the parish or organization is allocated a certain amount of money for a particular item. To ensure that monies from the New Evangelization Grant Fund are spent for their intended purpose, the Office for Evangelization issues all allocated grant monies to parishes and organizations based on a two-fold reimbursement process: First, the funds should be spent by the local parish/organization; then monies will be reimbursed by the New Evangelization Grant Fund.

Once the committee has made the grant decisions for a particular grant cycle, the following process takes place:

  • Grant requesters will receive a grant approval letter from the Office for Evangelization stating the amount of funds allocated to particular items.
  • Parish or Catholic organizations can spend up to the amount indicated in the grant according to any parameters set forth in the approval letter.
  • Send paid receipts to the Office for Evangelization in one of three ways:

Be sure to include a copy of the grant allocation letter to ensure immediate processing. Please allow 14 business days from receipt of your receipts to receive reimbursement.