Training & Tips

Training Opportunities

The Office for Evangelization desires that all who serve in leadership positions be well equipped and trained to pass on the faith. We offer a number of opportunities throughout the year for youth ministers, young adult leadership, volunteers, and catechists. These formation opportunities should offer a broad range of subjects that hit upon these major areas:

  • Professional/Ministerial Formation
  • Spiritual Formation
  • Human/Communal Formation
  • Academic Formation

For updates on specific training events, please visit our events page.

Youth Ministry Appreciation Night

Once a year, the Office for Evangelization hosts an Appreciation Night. This event is open to all adults who lead youth ministry (staff or volunteer) who work with youth in Middle School, High School, and Confirmation and their Core Team volunteers. They include prayer, a keynote talk, toasts, and an award ceremony.

Youth Workers Retreat

For Spiritual Formation, the Office for Evangelization will offer a retreat for Youth Ministers. This retreat will be a chance for the youth ministers and volunteers to step away from their jobs and take time to re-focus on Christ through prayer, discussion, inspirational talks, sacraments, and community.


All who work in a catechetical ministry are encouraged to participate in a diocesan catechetical training provided by the Office for Christian Formation. To find out more information about Pathways, visit the Office of Christian Formation.

Monthly YM Meet-Ups

All those who lead youth ministry at their parishes are encouraged to join us for our Diocesan YM Meet-Ups held every second Tuesday of the month at 1pm on Zoom.  Each month, we focus on different topics, with some having presenters and others being discussion-based.  Some of these conversations have led to useful handouts beyond the meeting itself.  Called “A Quick Look At…”, click below for the pdf handouts: