Addiction Resources


Alcoholics Anonymous | – Recovery resource devoted to supporting those struggling with alcoholism through local meetings. There are many groups that meet throughout Virginia. 




Reclaim Sexual Health | – Online recovery program designed to help Catholics who are struggling with sexual addiction of any kind

The Victory App | – An app that confidentially tracks a person’s struggle with pornography and offers feedback on triggers, accountability features, journaling, and inspiration.

Catholic | – Online database of Catholic Therapists, some opportunities for video conferencing across geographical distances

Sexaholics Anonymous (SA) | – For anyone in need of a confidential group to provide accountability and recovery. SA (Sexaholics Anonymous) is different from SAA (Sex Addicts Anonymous) in that they are more aligned with Church teaching on sexual addiction and recovery. There are multiple groups in Virginia available.


Covenant Eyes | – Catholic accountability service for those struggling with pornography that covers all devices. Use the promo code “richmond” when purchasing for our affiliate rate.

X3watch | – Christian accountability tool for those struggling with pornography. Covers all devices.

Fortify Program | – A web-based program with an app component that walks you through understanding the science of addiction and the road to recovery along with tracking your goals and setbacks.

Local Catholic Groups | Those in Richmond and Virginia Beach have access to a local accountability group comprised of men with a Catholic focus. Please contact us for details.


Fight the New Drug | – Secular resource with a number of helpful resources on the science of pornography, facts, and personal accounts

Chastity Project | – Catholic resource for information, statistics, talk outlines, seminar possibilities, and chastity education

iParent | – Christian reviews of social media apps for parents

NCOSE (National Center on Sexual Exploitation) | – Advocacy organization identifies pornography as a public health crisis and provides resources revealing links between all forms of sexual exploitation

Diocese of Lincoln | – Great video resources with tools for parents who want to protect their children from the harms of pornography as well adults who may be struggling with pornography.

Click here to download a copy of Redeemed in Love, a pastoral resource for the healing and prevention of pornography addiction. Contact the Office of Evangelization [email protected] to request copies at your parish.