Confirmation Retreats

As it says in the Diocesan Policy and Guidelines for Preparation of Baptized Adolescents to Receive the Sacrament of Confirmation, “All candidates must participate in a retreat as part of their preparation for the Sacrament of Confirmation. The Diocese of Richmond requires that each parish provide the opportunity for such an experience, which should prayerfully reflect on Confirmation. It is recommended that the retreat last between four hours and two days.”

To assist parishes with Confirmation retreats, the Diocese hosts several one-day retreats each year. These retreats can be used as either a make-up retreat for candidates who miss their parish-based retreat or as a full parish retreat for those parishes that do not have the resources to host their own retreat. Diocesan retreats are typically offered in the late fall and early spring. There is a modest cost and space is limited, so act quickly when registration opens. To view current retreat information, visit out events page

There are many resources for hosting your own parish-based Confirmation retreat:

  • Full Contact, a free resource created by the Office for Evangelization for an in-person Confirmation retreat.
  • Ordinary Holiness, a free resource created by the Office for Evangelization for a virtual Confirmation retreat.
  • Greater Retreat, a Project YM resource for hosting an online Confirmation retreat.
  • Sent, a Life Teen retreat resource that equips teens for the mission of evangelization.
  • Fire & Ice, a Life Teen retreat resource about the power and life of the Holy Spirit.

If you have questions about how to lead a retreat or what option might be best for your parish, please contact the Office for Evangelization at [email protected] or 804-622-5159.