Classes: Unveiled

Unveiled is the Diocese of Richmond’s marriage preparation program designed for engaged couples preparing to be married in the Catholic Church. Please follow the link below to sign up for the 2021 sessions of Unveiled. Future sessions will be posted in early September, but if you want to stay updated you can email


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What happens during a session?

Each session is facilitated by a married couple who will help the engaged couples attending to explore the core topics:

  • Communication and Intimacy
  • Theology of Marriage
  • Spirituality of a Marriage

These core topics are communicated by way of engaging videos featuring married couples, priests, theologians, and physicians. This rich content serves as the springboard for deeper discussion between each couple.

The times of conversation throughout the session usually begin with a time of journaling combined with private dialogue between each couple. There are also occasions for facilitated larger group discussions and opportunities to interact with the other couples attending the session.

What is the cost?

The cost for the session is $170 per couple. All meals and materials are included with the session cost.

When and how should we register?

Registration is all handled online. A list of the available sessions can be found here. Ideally, you should complete this portion of your marriage preparation between 6-9 months prior to your wedding, but not less than one month prior to your wedding.

More information and questions

For more information on the entire marriage preparation process, please use this guide. You can also call and speak with Katie Reda, our Marriage Preparation Coordinator, at 804-622-5109 or send an email to